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Far too many Milwaukee kids will never graduate from high school. 

Studies have shown that more than 55% of students in Milwaukee will dropout of high school, making our city ranked the 95th worst for graduation rates among the 100 biggest cities in the country.  Worsening rates of crime, gangs, teen pregnancy, and low household income will be among the consequences if this problem is not effectively handled. 

How did this happen? It's safe to say that these students do not dropout of high school overnight. The number of third grade students who are below the proficiency level in Math and Reading is already 25%-35% below the national average, and these figures only get worse as students progress in school. By the ninth and tenth grade, many students become too discouraged to continue; this is when most students dropout.

How Summit Makes a Difference

By helping one child at a time, Summit supports many students in our community. We believe that the most proactive approach to solve the high school dropout problem is by helping students get up to grade level and a young age, and then to stay in touch with them through high school. We do this through our tutoring and mentoring programs that include recreation, personal friendship, and a virtue-based character program.

One-On-One Tutoring & Mentoring Program 

Each student is matched with a trained volunteer who serves as the student's tutor and mentor. Students and tutors build friendship, trust and confidence in an environment where growth in virtues are best developed.

Students and volunteers meet at Summit once each week to study for an hour, participate in character talks and set personal goals for 15 minutes, and play sports for 45 minutes. Summit also holds parent seminars several times each semester to help parents to better perform their responsibilities as the primary educators of their children. 

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Summit Summer Olympics Program

The summer program is a full-time, 7-week program for students in the 4th - 8th grades. 28 college students with the help of 50 high school students lead teams of grade school students through a structured day of academics (Reading, Math and Character classes) and organized sports. Each week, students also participate in field trips, career presentations, individual advising sessions, and goal-setting.

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High School College Bound Program

The College Bound Program provides and opportunity for high school students that have come up through Summit's programs to continue their academic and character growth in the Summit family.

They meet each week for study, character talks, practice ACT tests, individual advising and goal-setting, career presentations, visits to college campuses, and sports and recreations with close friends.

During the summer, College Bound students work as Junior Counselors and assist the Counselors to lead teams of grade school students. By serving as peer leaders and role models to the younger students, their participation is crucial to the success of the program.

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Through tutoring, recreation, personal friendship, and a virtue-based character program, Summit fosters relationships between dedicated mentors, parents, and their children in order to encourage intellectual, cultural and moral growth. We are inspired by the social teachings of the Catholic Church which places primary importance on the dignity of each human being. 

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