Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mathematics By Elizabeth Marquez, Citlali Xantzin, and Diana Olivera

Mathematics By: Citlali Xantzin, Diana Olivera, and Elizabeth Marquez, 

Mathematics is a study of quantity, structure, and change.  Although, it’s hard to admit, we need math in our everyday lives.  For example, we use math to tell time, count money, and to measure ingredients in recipes. Math can also help one make economically wise decisions. There is also a variety of careers that involve math, such as business owners, engineers, surgeons, accountants, and more. Having the ability to do math determines how well we can solve problems. Most young girls need self-confidence to practice and succeed in math.  At Summit, we encourage them to learn and work hard so their confidence increases throughout the summer. 

In the Summit summer program, the girls participate in a 45 minute math class. During this period, the counselors and junior counselors tutor the girls at their level. Children learn better when they are educated by someone they are comfortable with. We’ve gotten to know our campers very well this summer and now they do not hesitate to seek help. As junior counselors, we have experienced academic struggles in elementary and middle school (especially math) and can relate to our campers.  Attending the summer program gave us confidence and shaped our math skills. We felt advanced entering the next grade.

At Summit we also connect games in the math lessons for the girls to understand the concept better.  This helps to engage every girl. “I’ve learned quite a lot at Summit.  It’s helping me prepare for my upcoming year at school and I feel more advanced now.” –Crystal (from team 4). These math lessons help campers to retain the material throughout the summer.  Even though some are unaware of their math abilities, they will all be better prepared for the start of the school year.  

Citlali (left): Junior at St. Anthony High School, This is her first year at Summit, and she is exploring all career options.

Diana (right): Freshman at St. Thomas More High School, She spent five summers as a camper before becoming a junior counselor this year. She is also undecided and exploring multiple career options with the help of the career speakers.

Elizabeth: Senior at Carmen High School, This is her first year in the Summit summer program.

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