Friday, July 29, 2016

Character Class by Citlalith Martinez and Karina Pulido

Character Class by Citlalith Martinez and Karina Pulido

Kindness, honesty, responsibility, respect and good manners are just some of the important virtues we talk about at Summit. Every day for 45 minutes counselors talk about a different value to help the girls grow as people.  These character classes make Summit unique by supporting young girls to become successful and virtuous citizens.

After we have a talk about the topic, we do an activity to go along with the lesson. For example, when we give a talk on modesty, we have a fashion show to show our girls how they can dress stylishly and appropriately.  Another example is when we talk about good manners.  We have a tea party teaching the girls how to behave at a table and talk politely by saying things like “thank you” and “you’re welcome.”  A final example is when we give the talk on kindness, we put a piece of paper on the girls back and they walk around writing compliments about one another.

These character classes are not only beneficial to the girls, but to the junior counselors as well. They have taught us to set a great example for the campers. They have taught the campers to always work hard, never give up on their goals, always be kind, and so much more.  Summit would not be the same without these classes and neither would we. 

Karina (left): Sophomore at St. Francis High School, She was a camper in Summit’s summer program for 4 years. This is her second year as a Junior Counselor. Karina plays the piano and hopes to be a pediatrician.

Citlalith (right): Sophomore at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, She spent 4 years as a camper and is now in her first summer as a Junior Counselor. She hopes to be an engineer.

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